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 The Order Of the Black Knight's Constitution

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PostSubject: The Order Of the Black Knight's Constitution   Tue Apr 13, 2010 9:20 pm

The Constitution of the Black Knights

The Cyberworld stands still, with the same 12 alliances holding almost absolute power. Nobody wants to admit it but the ability for this world to change is under attack. Only one very specific chance stands between change, and the current standstill in the Cybernations world. The threat is still out there, and if new alliances don’t stand up now then the defeat of change is sure to follow.

We, the nations of the Order of the Black Knights. Believe ourselves to be a part of this last wave of change, and do therefore ordain and establish this Constitution

Article 1: Admission

Any and all nations that wish to join the Order of the Black Knights will be allowed to do so as long as they have no current alliance at the time of admission or on any ZI lists.
Article 1 Section 2
If a nation is part of an alliance at the time they wish to join the Order. Then they shall provide proof of resignation before attempting to join the Black army.

Article 2: Structure.

The Constitution
The Black army Constitution is the supreme law of the alliance. Nobody is above it.

The Emperor
The Emperor is the Sovereign of the alliance. As such, the Emperor has the sole power over the affairs of the alliance, although such powers can be delegated to others. The Emperor is the final authority on all internal and external matters. The Emperor can create any office and appoint any member to that office at his sole discretion. The Emperor serves for life or until resignation. The Emperor will designate a replacement if the Emperor resigns or dies.

The Emperor chooses the Generals and is the only one that can get rid of them. If the Emperor is absent, the Generals get to make all important decisions until his return. Generals can not, however, declare offensive wars or declare peace unless there is a vote that is over 50% when the Emperor is absent. Officers help out the generals and are chosen only by the Emperor but can be recommended by a general.

Generals and officers are the members of the War Council. The group that takes control in times of war along with the Emperor and advise the Emperor on actions that have to do with the war.


Minister: Each Minister has his/her own branch and is in charge of keeping it running smoothly.

Minister of Commerce: Makes and maintains trade circles, in alliance tech farming/deals, and aid for member nations.

Minister of Recruitment: In charge of recruiting new members and making sure they join completely.

Minister of the Interior: In charge of defending and upholding the constitution of the alliance, and the drafting and publishing of any Documents effecting internal workings.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: In charge of treaties and Diplomacy with other alliances in addition to the drafting of Documents related to such things

Each minister can recruit members to help them in their tasks, and if there is no active minister then the Emperor will take charge of the branch and perform all the duties of the Minister. Also New minister positions can be added as the Emperor see's fit. Deputies Work under the ministers to provide aid and are chosen by the minister.
Article 2 section 2: Collective representation.
When referring to the above leadership positions as a collective. The appropriate term is “The Congress”

Article 3: Amendments
Any nation can recommend an Amendment to the Charter and it will be discussed by the alliance as a whole. Amendments can only be added at the end of each month and are not put into effect until then unless specified. They are first put to a vote and then selected to pass by two thirds vote

Article 3 section 2: Reconciliation
To alter an already standing amendment, the said changes must pass with 51% majority.


Amendment I: Freedom of Speech.
All members are free to speak their opinion
Amendment II: Freedom of Debate.
All members are free to debate and defend their opinion
Amendment III: Freedom to Defense of ones own nation.
If attacked, one may defend its nation without reporting to the Alliance
Amendment IV: Freedom of Weaponry.
Nations are free to pursue any Weaponry they choose.
Amendment V: Right to Attorney
When a member or group is charged by the Prosecution, they are entitled to a defense
Amendment VI: Right to Sovereignty
Any and all members have a right as members of the Order of the Black Knights to independant action, be it tech raiding. Trading, or any unmentioned clause.

Article 4: Declaration of War
Deceleration of war must be done one way. If it is the entire alliance declaring war, then a formal Declaration written by one member of the congress must be posted, outlining reasons behind the declaration. Tech Raids are not included and are ok if the generals agree on the target.

Article 4 section 2: Approval of war
In order for Total war to be achieved, the congress must unanimously agree on the declaration, and each must sign it as such.

Article 4 section 2.5: Warheads
Nuclear warheads are only authorized during total war.

Article 4 section 3: Public awareness of war
If war is declared, the declaration must be made public on Cybernation forums before action can be taken.


Emperor of the Order,
General Rex

Minister of the Interior,
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The Order Of the Black Knight's Constitution
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